Cederberg easy riders

Hot and dusty we rode into Oasis Cederberg to greet out host Gerard, and get our booked accommodation sorted.

Henk was the champ bagging the room above the restaurant with multiply bed option, the rest of us got the A-framed tents while Lenie, Sonja, Michelle, Susan and Nicole the campsite next to the braai spot.

In no time at all most of us were sitting in the shade, beer in hand performing a ride autopsy much like a group of ruby fans after a big match, while watching the girls pitch their tents.

I brought them some drinks to sooth the pain of the job. They had to get creative lashing the tents to a nearby tree and pole because of lost tent pegs.

We started the ride with a few curves on Countermanskloof then onto Malanshoogte where we encountered the first short gravel ride. Craig brought up the rear as informal sweep in comms. with me at the front.

Weaving through a few turns to Klipheuwel we got going on the gravel road heading towards Gouda and onto Ceres for coffee and a bit to eat.

Halfway down this road I got a call from Craig, Wessel’s bike was hitting a wobble due to the mudguard coming loose. We stopped and few tie-straps later we were ready to go. The catchup chatter very much about the loose gravel and the swinging back wheels. Called the “GS dance”. Stan, who had ridden that road often was surprised by the condition pointing out that it was often graded and much better to ride but very excited by the “GS dance”

Soon we were through the gravel and onto Mitchells Pass having coffee and a bit to eat at the Pink Lady in Ceres. There was no hurry so we spent about an hour and a half getting to know each other discussing the ride where we going and the fun we having. The theme of this easy rider group was a safe, fun ride and this was exactly what we were doing.  

Refueled, we headed along the R303 to Op Die Berg and onto Oasis, by now the pattern of riders fell into place with great team work and support from the more experienced riders. Riding tips from Stan and Francoise, antidotes and picture from Henk.

About 500 meters from our destination a left turn with a bumpy uphill appeared before us, Sonja who was standing on her pegs sat down to change gears lost concentration and slowly left her bike. Thankfully at slow speed no injury nor damage to her or bike. The team rallied around helped lift the bike and Francoise rode it to a level spot so that Sonja could get going again.

Geoff and the advanced group soon joined us around the pool and the party started. Most impressive move of the day ... when Wessel fell into the pool without wetting the smoke firmly clamped in his mouth.The food and drink options at Oasis was available via an honesty system where we tick off what we wanted and settle the account the next day on departure.  After dinner Stan got a fire going and I soon found a wine drinking buddy [Lenie]. While the conversation grew louder, we made the circle bigger and soon people from the closing restaurant joined the BMW party until all the drink ran out well into the night.

At breakfast, grumpy heads discussed the road back and questioned if we could make it in time for the rugby. Geoff and a few guys keenly watched the MotoGP in the restaurant so his group was not leaving until that ended. The easy riders paid up and got a slightly earlier start on the road back.

When we got to the much-discussed downhill turn, the leader [Moi] showed the line not to take and in the words of Sonja “the bike fell”. Andrew and Francoise supported the bike while I rode it out of the ditch, again no injury or damage. Gravel rash giving my GS the more off-road look.

From then on, its was a smooth ride back to Ceres with one of the ladies taking the lead for part of the way. Regrouped for coffee and fuel while we said our goodbyes, various pairs of riders headed off to get home for the rugby or to visit people on the way home.

For many days later, our WhatsApp group shared pictures, videos and chirps. I’ll ride with these wonderful people anytime.

I’m left with feeling the unsolicited teamwork, camaraderie, safe and fun riding event we experienced was in no small way  due to the fantastic people that ride BMW Motorbikes.      




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It was an awesome ride Rouen! The wine was good, the conversations were loud and the showers were perfect! I am still wiping dust of my bike.  Will we camp again?  Nope... but did we enjoy the camp thing and bon fire?  YES!




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Always a great weekend at the Oasis.


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Nice report Rouen!

The goal of a report is to convince you that you missed a great trip and this is indeed the case.

Garth Hewitt

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Thank you Garth ... you would have loved it there, I know how you enjoy these trips.

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